Thing 10 Traineeships, MA, Chartership

1 Aug

How did I get here?

Image taken from Official Newcastle University Website at

Well after completing my A levels I was bit unsure as to what I wanted to study at University. So once I found a fab combined honours programme at Newcastle University I just opted for that. So really I more or less continued my A levels but at degree level. The good thing about the degree was its configuration. So I picked which modules I quite fancied from a HUGE list across Faculties and Schools. No dull compulsory modules for me!

So after three years I passed my History and Education degree so what next. Everyone assumed I was going to be a teacher but I really never felt this was my vocation in life. After some travelling and working longer hours in what was my student job I applied to be a library assistant part time at Newcastle City Library. I liked reading, generally liked libraries and had a strong customer service background so it seemed perfect. That was it I was hooked! The cakes from Fenwicks on a Saturday were a particular highlight of breaktime.

I waited for a full time job to become available but it never happened so I applied for a vacancy at Newcastle University Library. I started in 2001, looking after registration and quick reference. I then completed my City and Guilds Information and Library Services at Newcastle College before applying for my MA Distance Learning at Northumbria University.

After a secondment, I moved to be an Assistant Librarian at Sunderland University. I completed my Chartership in super quick time (around a year I think)

I’ve now come full circle again as I’m back at Newcastle University as Liaison Librarian for subjects linked to the Environment and Social Sciences. They literally can’t get rid of me. Bit scary to think of the 3 years spent in the library as a student aswell as 7-8 years working there!

What next?

  • More personal professional development and learning new skills
  • More engaging with others across sectors and within the University
  • Continuing my role with CILIP Career Development Group which gives a unique insight into new and established professionals.




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